Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning is full of decisions. From the choice of venue down to the folding of napkins, it seems a bride’s work is never done. One decision, not to be overlooked, are the wedding flowers. Many future brides know exactly what colors they love and maybe even what kinds of flowers fit their theme, but are surprised to learn about the many different types of bouquets there are to choose from. In fact, flower bouquets can range in shape, size, form, and color depending on what you are looking for. With so many options to choose from, it may seem overwhelming. Luckily, we have done some of the work for you. Read on to learn about the different types of bouquets to make your wedding day special. 

The Pomander Bouquet

Sometimes called the Kissing Ball, this spherical bouquet is usually seen being carried by flower girls. With a ribbon to tie around the wrist, it makes it easy to carry for the young ones. However, it makes a great option for anyone looking for a hands-free option or a beautiful hanging decoration to wow your guests. These bouquets may be small and usually worn by the smallest in the party, but be aware they can come with a bigger price tag for their floral coverage and labor. 

The Hand-Tied Bouquet

Referring to the technique in which these romantic wedding flowers are crafted, the hand-tied bouquet is the artisanal arrangement of the flower world. These bouquets are crafted one stem at a time in the hand of the florist, before being tied together with twine or ribbon. Often this style of blooms are mixed together with foliage such as eucalyptus or ivy to give them a more whimsical feel. 

The Round Bouquet 

The round bouquet makes an excellent accompaniment to any classic or more traditional wedding theme. A popular style, these bouquets are spherical in shape. They generally consist of round flowers of the same type and color to create a balanced and structured look. Roses, Anemones, and Parrot Roses are a good choice for this traditional arrangement. 

The Posy Bouquet

Another classic bouquet, the Posy is the floral accessory to brighten up any brides’ big day. Usually smaller in size and crafted to fit in one hand, the Posy makes a great choice for bridesmaids. Have fun picking and choosing the flowers that fit your theme and create a bouquet that accentuates beauty without distracting. 

The Nosegay Bouquet

Wondering which wedding flowers are right for the mother of the bride? Or looking for a cute bouquet for the flower girl? Look no further than the delicate Nosegay. This classic bouquet is generally smaller in size and made up of only a few of the same florals tied together with a ribbon. Easy to hold and not too overwhelming, this bouquet is a perfect accessory to any wedding member of the wedding party. 

The Asymmetrical Bouquet

Similar to the hand-tied bouquet, this arrangement of wedding flowers is usually a mix of florals and earthy greens. The asymmetrical bouquet sets itself apart by being exactly as the name suggests – different on all sides and well, not symmetrical. A bride that wants something unique and colorful should consider the asymmetrical bouquet. 

The Cascading Bouquet

Dramatic and romantic, the cascading bouquet is a statement piece for any bride looking to draw attention. The cascading bouquet is a floral arrangement that gives the illusion of flowers or foliage delicately falling from the bride’s hands. The bride will have a larger bundle of flowers on top and vines or a loose spray of flowers trailing at the bottom, giving a waterfall appearance. From traditional to modern, this timeless bouquet can be crafted to meet the wishes of every bride.  

The Crescent Bouquet

Shaped like a crescent moon, this natural and playful bouquet is an excellent accent to a bride’s beauty. These wedding flowers can be asymmetrical or symmetrical and usually are more dense in the middle as they scale out on the sides. Mix draping foliage like eucalyptus with flowers like dahlias or orchids to create the fantastical crescent bouquet of your dreams. 

The Hoop Bouquet

A modern take on bouquets, this arrangement has been making its debut in the wedding world. Easy to hold, aka easy to dance with, makes it a great pick for bridesmaids. This bouquet is usually created by making a round hoop of metal or wood. The hoop is then attached with greenery and flowers to the brides’ liking. These simple and elegant bouquets have been mostly spotted adding flair to boho weddings. 

The Pageant Bouquet

Draped in the crook of one arm, the pageant bouquet is all about presentation. This old school arrangement of wedding flowers inspires visions of the past and brings drama to any brides’ look. The pageant bouquet is usually made of skinny blooms with longer stems, in order to fit perfectly in the bride’s arms. If you are looking for a vintage vibe, the pageant bouquet is the one. 

The Single-Stem Bouquet

Allowing the dresses to be the star of the show, a single-stem bouquet is an excellent choice for the bride who wants to keep her wedding flowers simple. Perfect for the bride or bridesmaids, the single-stem is just one single bloom held in the hands. Sometimes greenery is added for extra detail, however usually it is just one eye-catching flower. Have fun choosing the flower that best accentuates your dress or the dresses of your bridesmaids. 

Whether your wedding theme is classic, modern, or boho, flower bouquets can shape and transform the style and feel of your wedding day. Speak to your florist today to discuss the colors and styles that catch your eye. Ensuring your day is full of bright blooms, a florist can help create the wedding flowers of your dreams!