Top 12 Trendy Floral Compositions for 2021

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Adding life and colour to your spaces is as easy as the exquisite beauty of nice-looking flowers. The best floral trends in 2021 are an exciting mix of contrasts. There’s the choice of neutrals with minimal styling competing with bold and bright blooms. The cherished rose was the top popular flower in 2020. But what does this year have in store for the realm of florists?
After talking to experts who shared their predictions for the best floral trends in 2021, the good news is there’s going to be something for everyone. Here’s what to expect at your favourite Florist Thornbury shop.

2021’s Top 12 Floral Trends

Are you the fashion-forward thinker who loves bold arrangements or an eco-conscious who prefers everything simple and sustainable? Well, as we told you, this year is going to be about inclusivity. With the trends below, you can get ahead of the pack and ensure your interiors are blooming with this year’s most fashionable arrangements.

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Soft Neutrals

First, among the many changes, we expect this year to include a switch toward the soft neutrals. Watch out for neutral shades accented with soft colour palettes in delicate tonal differences. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, people are developing a liking for sustainability and organic products. And now the floral trends are starting to follow suit. There’s a spike in demand for natural, fresher shades.

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Chilled Out Zone

Let the blooms do the talking. Take a little time out, relish a cup of coffee, and let your thoughts wander in that beautifully designed retreat at your place. For such retreats, flowers are an essential ingredient and the feminine-like clematis to be precise, is a fine example of beauty. Besides, there are plenty of bloomers that can give your soul a gentle caress, leaving a feel-good effect.

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The 1970s Inspired by Psychedelics

On the opposite side of the coin, psychedelic colour prints are taking the floral industry by storm this year. Taking after the 1970s colourful palettes, designers in the world of fashion and interiors are shifting from the decade of bold-coloured flowers by resurrecting the unapologetically loud colour blends. To instantly inject personality into a room and make a statement, consider vibrant bloom arrangements like the Floral Ratatouille Bouquet.

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Happy Home

The floristry realm is brimming with colour. Going with the Happy Home trend will live your creatively-created florist space blooming of joie de vivre. Along with loving conviviality, this trend bursts with vitality, transforming your interiors into light and informal spaces. This cheerful trend theme is a perfect fit for early summer. Introduce some joy into the daily grind of life by letting the flowers laugh in your home.

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Functional Floral Arrangements

Mental health topped news agendas internationally throughout 2020. And that big discussion is still trending in 2021. There’s been a rise in the holistic use of flowers and plants, especially to help with both physical and mental issues.
Plants have myriad health benefits, including mood enhancement, lessening anxiety, air purification, and relieving headaches. Look out for the Wellbeing Bouquet in your local Florist in Thornbury. It has been specifically engineered for that cause and it comes in a selection of flowers that support good health and happiness.

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Mystic Spring

The contrasts are charming. While it’s untypical to have dark mystic palettes for spring, 2021 spring displays polarities. Maybe it’s because of the “intricate pandemic year” in which people were regularly shaken up and needed lots of flexibility. The world becomes creative amidst any crisis, increasing the demand for fresh impulses. Thanks to the mystic spring, a little drama may now be necessary.

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Jewel Tones

Vivid and bright blooms are another trendy floral pattern in 2021. To both make a statement and add some playfulness to your spaces, be sure to use bold flowers in jewel tones.

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Sunny Days

Ever noticed how a sunny day immediately brightens the spirit? As with sunny days, sunny yellow is a perfect mood-maker. And with the people looking for different ways to safeguard their mental health, florists are blended tones to make the sun rise in our spaces. Crafting this sunny illusion can be quite challenging. However, you can make the perfect arrangement with the right materials.

Minimalist Compositions

Simplicity is taking over 2021’s floral trends as far as arranging blooms goes. There’s an increase in demand for unembellished, minimalist creations. Therefore, keep it simple if you are doing your own compositions and you won’t go wrong.

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Respect Nature

That nature is the number one precious treasure isn’t debatable. But we humans don’t always treat it with care. On the opposite side of the scale, our existence solely relies upon nature’s well-being. It shows great diversity and flexibility, it sometimes seems mysterious. It is these rare qualities that inspire floral designers to create expressively green exceptional pieces for the latest botanical style. In this way, the world can see the green world with more gratitude.

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Powerful Fragrances

The smell is the most powerful of the human’s five senses. It can stir strong memories and influence our emotions and mood. Having flowers in your interiors is more than colour palettes and beauty. Introduce some lavender, lilacs, freesias, and sweet peas to give your home a variety of welcoming floral scents.

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Dried Flowers

Back in the ‘80s, dried flowers were especially trendy, before they were outmoded at the start of the millennium. But they’ve made a remarkable comeback in 2021, only this time they’re more stylish and beautiful.

The Wrap Up

The trend roundup is an inspiring blend of designs for every home. Floral trends in 2021 are a glimpse of yet another exhilarating year in floristry. It seems to be an especially inclusive year showcased by the emergence of polar floral trends. No matter your taste, blooms offer a great way to spread happiness and express personality. Consider one of the above compositions when ordering your bouquets from any local Florist in Thornbury.