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Dried Flowers Melbourne

Dried flowers may inspire memories of time gone by, however these arrangements have taken on a modern and fresh look in recent years. With new drying techniques, florists are able to create dried flowers in a variety of hues from pastel to vibrant. One of the best attributes of dried flowers is their life expectancy, adding decoration to your home for years to come.  No need to water or worry about sun access, these beauties are the perfect low-maintenance addition to any styling plan. 

Looking for the most beautiful dried flowers in Melbourne? Bountiful Gardens has you covered with whimsical bunches for any taste. If you are into crafts, keep reading to find out how to dry your own flowers. Keep in mind, however, that professional florists will be able to create harder to achieve shades and colors. They will also be able to create longer-lasting dried flowers than a home-made batch. 

If you still want to give it a go, here are a few different techniques to try in creating your own arrangement of dried flowers:

Technique One – Hanging Flowers

Keep in mind, when choosing flowers to dry, that certain types will work better than others. We suggest using flowers native to Australia. If you are unsure about which to pick, the Australian daisy or the South African king protea are great options to start. Look out for flowers that are not quite open or fully bloomed yet, as the flowers will continue to open as they dry. 

Once your flowers are picked or bought, cut off any extra greenery.

Decide if you would like flowers in bunches or individual blossoms. If putting in bunches, tie the flowers together with twine or string; dental floss works too. 

Pick a dry and dark spot indoors and then hang the flowers upside-down. Wherever the flowers are hanging, just ensure that air is able to flow around every part of the flowers. This ensures the blooms remain free of mold. 

After a few days of drying, check on your flowers. They should feel stiff, which can take anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks, depending on the flowers. 

Technique Two – Use the Microwave

It seems the microwave provides more than just culinary ease. Use this common kitchen tool to craft beautiful dried flowers. 

Again, choose flowers that have yet to bloom, to lower the chance of petals falling off in the drying process.

Gather ingredients. There are two options here – silica sand which can be bought at your local craft shop or a blend of equal parts borax and cornmeal. Whichever you choose, place your flowers in a microwave-safe container and cover with mixture. If you are working with tulips or other cupped flowers, be sure to fill the centers with the mixture, as well. 

Leave the container of flowers uncovered and place it in the microwave. Cook on high for approximately one minute. Check on the flowers after one minute to see if they are fully dried. If not, place back in the microwave for another minute. Keep in mind that larger flowers with larger petals will generally take longer to dry. 

Keep the flowers in the sand or borax mixture for a day or two after microwaving to ensure they are fully dried. 

Technique Three – The Microwave Oven 

This one may sound weird, but if you are looking for a quick and cheap way to dry flowers, then stick with us on this one. 

Take your microwave-safe dish and place each flower individually inside. 

Here is the weird part – cover the flowers with kitty litter. Be sure to gently pour the kitty litter, to maintain the shape of your flowers. 

Microwave for two to three minutes. The cat litter will be hot to the touch, so be careful and wait until it is cool to remove the flowers. Be sure to delicately remove the flowers one at a time, as the litter is heavy and can break the newly dried flowers. 

Technique Four – Silica Gel Crystals

Using silica gel crystals promises the ability to produce brighter and more vibrant colors. Just be sure to purchase the silica gel crystals that are specifically made for drying flowers. 

Place your flowers in a large container and then cover them with silica gel crystals. After a few days or a week, they should be nice and dry. These silica gel dried flowers will be ready to add bright decoration to any space! 

Not into crafts or dealing with cat litter? Or maybe, you want that professional and artisanally crafted look? Try one of these beautiful offerings from Bountiful Garden to try out the dried flower vibe in your home. 

Pink Perfection

Hues of pink mixed with showers of white and cream give this arrangement a look of classic beauty. 

After Brunch Blooms

A whimsical bunch with cascading blooms of cream mixed with pastel violets and pinks to add character to any space. 


Bright pink with lighter shades of white, this dried flower bunch is a statement piece. 


Aptly named, this traditional bouquet fills a room with visions of rouge. 


Accented with gold, maroon flowers pop in this eye-catching centerpiece.

Pastel Blooms

Pastel roses mix with fantastical blooms to create a classically beautiful, yet surprisingly unique arrangement

Whatever route you choose, be sure to check out Bountiful Gardens for all your Melbourne dried flowers needs! Choose between our expertly handcrafted arrangements or pick and choose from our range of native flowers to try your hand at crafting your own dried blooms.